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Fund Fees
We strive to maintain total transparency on what we charge you for our work in managing the fund.

Management fee

We charge 2% management fee to the fund on an annual basis.

Carried Interest

  • The general partner will be entitled to a profits participation (also known as “carried interest,” “performance allocation,” “promote,” “promoted interest” and “override”) – usually a set percentage of profits (typically 20%, but can be higher or lower).
  • The amount of the carried interest and the manner in which it is distributed will be set out in the distribution waterfall of the fund’s partnership or operating agreement.
  • Distributions of carried interest will typically be subordinated to the return of capital contributions and the preferred return to the fund’s investors.
  • The timing of the payment of carried interest is unpredictable; it depends on the profitability of the fund’s investments and because payments are lower in priority to various payments to the fund’s investors.